Heartland Candle Fundraiser
Heartland Candle Fundraiser
Posted on 03/25/2016

The spring fundraiser drive has officially started!

Principal Dr. Williams lead the charge Friday, March 25, 2016 during morning announcements:

“Falcons, if you sell 12 Heartland Candles, you will get your very own Victory Elementary T-shirt.”

Order forms provided to students for Heartland Candles-- premium, all natural, high quality candles made by hand in the USA.  The candles are made from 100% non-toxic soy and come in a variety of scents so that all can enjoy.

“Heartland candles are less expensive than other companies and burn entirely, so nothing is wasted!” touted Williams.

Students were abuzz Friday with the excitement of seeing faculty wearing the stylish VES T-shirts that are up for grabs if students successfully sell 12 Headland Candles.  Teachers will also be able to sport school pride in their very own T-shirt if enough of their students participate in the fundraiser.

Mrs. William’s kindergarten student Sydney Trewartha stressed, “I want one those shirts!  But how am I suppose to sell candles to anyone if I don’t have the candles in my hand to sell?”

No worries, Sydney!  Pre-pay order forms are available in the front office if you lost yours!  Order forms were given earlier in the week so purchases could be made from students’ family and friends during Spring Break and throughout April.

For more information, please download Heartland Candle Fundraiser Info Packet